Public participation in crisis response

This report by ECNL looks at the extent to which CSOs were able to participate meaningfully in decision making and what we can learn from existing good practices. It also provides recommendations on what is needed to further enhance the policy and standards of participation so that we can ensure that these rights can be meaningfully applied in crisis situations in the future.  

Find out more about how public participation is key for emergency measures to: 

A Clash of Contagions: The impact of COVID-19 on conflict in Nigeria, Colombia and Afghanistan

This report published by Mercy Corps investigates, documents and analyses how the spread of COVID-19 has shaped conflict, insecurity, and instability. There is also a social media toolkit that has been created with draft Tweets and Facebook messages to share findings.

"COVID‑19 and efforts to contain it are exacerbating the underlying drivers of conflict which, left unchecked, have the potential to foment instability and violence in the future.