With a multitude of  emerging technologies rapidly developing globally, their use, benefits, and risks can many times pose significant hurdles for civic space. From government surveillance, privacy concerns, and learning curves, digital technologies provide a clear challenge for civic space moving forward.

Digital Peacebuilders Guide

"Digital technologies affect how we experience conflict. Whether it’s hate speech in our social media or bringing together diverse groups for online training, digital tools can harm & help our peacebuilding initiatives.

But where to start? How to know if it’s best to build a chatbot, make a video game or teach people about misinformation?

10 Takeaways from 'Promoting Best State Practice during Pandemics'

In May 2022, Under the Mask held a virtual event on 'Promoting Best State Practice during Pandemics.' We were joined by participants across Africa, Asia, Latin America, Europe, and the Middle East. A huge thank you to all who joined and contributed to such insightful discussions.

Here is a summary of two discussions, and action points to share and take forward. These action points refer to our 10 Best Practices for governments before, during, and after pandemics.