Under the Mask is a project developed to address the increasing closing of civic space. The onset of the COVID-19 pandemic saw an acceleration in this global trend, and Under the Mask highlights and documents increased restrictions on civic space, and shares strategies and actions that communities and activists around the world are using to protect their space. 

The project includes a series of webinars, focused on state restrictions, a series of podcasts, and reports, and cases studies that highlight strategies that are working around the world. Watch our introduction video here.  

Impacts of restricting civic space

Watch the 3-part series featuring interviews of those around the world impacted by governments implementing measures restricting civic space during the pandemic..

Global restrictions

Unclickable parts of the map signify AFSC’s Under the Mask program does not currently research or monitor the region.

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Under the Mask is an evolving project dedicated to the alarming increase in restrictions on civic space around the world, worsening during the COVID-19 pandemic, and how individuals and organizations are responding to protect that space. We welcome your feedback about this website, and we invite you to participate in our collective effort.