Asia is seeing changing political and economic dynamics resulting from China's rise as an economic superpower. AFSC's history and presence in the region allow us to build linkages between local communities and nongovernmental organizations to media, business, and policy makers, as well as coordinating emergency humanitarian response in the region.

Civic space during the pandemic

According to CIVICUS Monitor, the top violations in the region during COVID-19 pandemic are restrictive laws, censorship, harassment, detention of protesters, and protest disruption. Reports have shown that many governments in the region have taken a different path and are using the pandemic as an opportunity to introduce or implement additional restrictions on civic freedoms. Restrictive laws are used against human rights defenders, journalists, and critics. Legislation most often used included laws related to national security, public order, and criminal defamation. 

Source: For more information, read CIVICUS Monitor’s comprehensive report.

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One year into the COVID-19 pandemic, restrictions on civil space are increasing. Recognizing the need to protect public health, our report looks at nine kinds of restrictions that could limit civil space for the long term and how civil society can respond.