Pandemic Insights - OpenGlobalRights

Open Global Rights
| Dec 20, 2021

OpenGlobalRights has asked leaders in the human rights community to share a learning, reflection or insight from the pandemic. If viewing on a desktop, click on the red dots on the map to read or listen to each insight. Alternatively, scroll down to find each insight. Follow this link for more.

"The pandemic has prompted introspection in our personal and professional lives. 

While the pandemic rages on and the vaccine rollout continues to reveal deep inequalities within and between countries, the last eighteen months have been an opportunity to take inventory personally and as a rights-based community. Below you'll find responses from several rights practitioners from around the world. The prompt for this series was short and simple: share one insight that you've gained about life, the world, or human rights over the last year. But as you'll read and listen, the answers, though short, are anything but simple. They reflect the varied experiences and approaches that one may face when confronted with such a large-scale, transformational moment. We hope these pandemic insights will offer ideas and inspiration for the future of human rights beyond the pandemic."

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