Unrelenting harassment of activists and critics by police to stifle all forms of dissent in Malaysia

CIVICUS | 28 July 2021
| Aug 05, 2021

Read this update by the CIVICUS Monitor, documenting the curtailment of freedoms by the Malaysian government as they intimidate and harass critics.

"Civic space in Malaysia continues to be rated as ‘obstructed’ by the CIVICUS Monitor. In recent months, the government continued to curtail fundamental freedoms and intimidate activists and journalists. Dozens have been hauled up by the police for peaceful protests critical of the government and its policies.

Activists faced investigation for raising issues related to police brutality and the government handling of the pandemic, while journalists were also targeted for their reporting. Amidst a worsening COVID-19 crisis, the government continued to use the anti-fake news ordinance against individuals, a move criticised as detrimental to promoting access to information which is essential during a public health crisis.

Prime Minister Muhyiddin Yassin’s government’s crackdown on freedom of expression and its widespread use of repressive laws against journalists and the media was reflected in the steepest drop of any country seen in the 2021 World Press Freedom index.

Human rights groups have continued to raise the alarm on the increasing attacks against civic space in the country including increasing use of criminal investigations against journalists, peaceful protesters and opposition lawmakers, which have been aimed at stifling dissent."

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