Under the Mask Case Study: Call out

| Aug 31, 2021

Are you protecting civic space during COVID-19?  

We are seeking examples of actions that have protected freedom of speech, freedom of movement, or other aspects of protecting civic space during the pandemic. Maybe you have even created change in governmental practice or policy. The case studies we collect will be shared as part of our Under the Mask project to help other civil society actors, activists and organizations around the world working to protect their space and freedoms during COVID-19. There may also be an opportunity to share these at a virtual event in January 2022. 

Please note we can grant anonymity if preferable.  


We encourage submissions in any format or language, and not specific to this call-out, such as published papers, podcasts or reports. Please contact us if you would like to talk your ideas over.  

Please submit to UnderTheMask@afsc.org with subject line ‘Case Study’ by 31st October 2021 

If preferred, we have developed a format as a guide below: 


Format for Under the Mask Case Study: 

Font 12, single line spacing, 5 pages maximum 

  • Project Title 
  • Subtitle 

Here you need to briefly elaborate on the accomplishment. What you have done and how you got there. 

  • Executive Summary (½ page) 

Write about the entire story in one paragraph followed by 2-3 bullet points to display the case study contents. 

  • Project Description (¾ page) 

An introduction about what the case study is all about. 

  • Challenges and Objectives (¾ page) 

Describe the challenges. Explain the goals or objectives. 

  • How Your Actions Helped Protect Civic Space (1 page) 

In this 2-3 paragraph section describe how your specific strategies provided a solution to the problem. 

  • Results (1 page) 

In this 2-3 paragraph section describe how your work specifically benefited and helped achieve the goals. Identify how the strategy, tolls and activities you used may be helpful for people working to protect civic space in other contexts and countries.  

  • Quotes and Visuals (½ page) 

In the bottom section of your case study, add 1-2 quotes and visuals to support the story you are telling. You can also use icons to summarize information and highlight key aspects of your project. You can also combine these with social media icons to show this is a well-researched and thorough case study. Make sure you have permission to share these quotes and photos.  

  • Future Plans ( ½ page) 

Write about the future plans for your case study analysis. Also state if you are willing for others to approach you for support in implementing similar work in different contexts. 

  • Call to Action 

Call to action is optional but adding one can encourage your readers to take some action after learning about your work. 


Please be in touch with UnderTheMask@afsc.org with any queries.