Silenced in China: the COVID ‘truth-tellers’ and political dissent

The Conversation | 16 July 2021
| Jul 22, 2021

The BBC, CNN, the New York Times, AP and other international reporters have been investigating the attempt by Chinese authorities to construct an official narrative of the pandemic domestically and internationally. Read this article published by The Conversation for more.

“The “COVID truth-tellers” – mostly lawyers, journalists or NGO workers in their 20s or 30s – emerged from this constituency. Their reports and online posts are not isolated acts of single-issue activism, but broader signs of a melting of the “ice age” of political dissent in China.

A range of values, challenging to the party’s official ideology, motivate the dissent of these activists: Christian belief, pre-communist Republican intellectual heritage and a liberal or democratic human rights stance. Such beliefs and values, distinct but overlapping in many ways, have resurfaced since China’s “open-door” policy ushered in an era of engagement with the rest of the world.”

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