Rule of law takes a big hit during COVID-19

Brookings | October 18, 2021
| Oct 27, 2021

This article 'Rule of law takes a big hit during COVID-19' published by Brookings reveals how new data shows how far key elements of democratic governance have deteriorated since the pandemic hit in 2020. For the fourth year running, the rule of law in a majority of countries has declined.

"The global pandemic has dramatically impaired the lives of millions of people around the world. It has also dealt a body blow to democracy, human rights, and the rule of law, at a time when these values were already in decline.

The accumulating evidence from a diverse set of countries is compelling. Government executives used the pandemic to seize more power through states of emergency that may have been necessary given the gravity of the crisis, but did not follow prescribed rules. The basic functioning of parliaments and judiciaries was hobbled by the nature of the crisis, which made it impossible for people to gather safely, and the lack of preparedness to manage it. Fundamental freedoms of movement, assembly, and expression were curtailed, often by repressive regimes that manipulated the situation to muzzle critics in the political opposition, civil society, and the media. And rights to health, education, and decent work were severely set back, especially for women."

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