Report 2: Big Brother

State Surveillance under COVID-19
| Jul 07, 2020

report 2 cover image

The second of the four webinars in the AFSC ‘Under the Mask’ series considered state surveillance under COVID-19. The convening was attended by roughly 65 participants from around the globe, receiving simultaneous interpretation in Bahasa Indonesia, Spanish, and French with the presentations and the majority of the small group discussions taking place in English.

Presentations were made by:

Teresa Ma, founder and a director of Peace Generation, based in Hong Kong.
Soeung Saroeun, executive director of the Cooperation Committee for Cambodia.
Mona Shtaya, communication and campaigns specialist working in the Arab region, Jerusalem.
Samuel Ewusi, professor of Peace Studies and International Relations, based in Ethiopia.

View the complete report (PDF) for a summary of the presentations and the small group discussions that followed.

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