Online Launch Event: Under the Mask

How communities are resisting authoritarianism during COVID-19 and beyond
| Jan 28, 2021

AFSC hosted this special online event on Jan. 26 to hear directly from peacebuilding experts and activists and connect with others striving to protect our rights and freedoms in these times.

Presentations were given by Fionnuala D. Ní Aoláin and Siphosami Malunga. Fionnuala D. Ní Aoláin is the United Nations special rapporteur on the promotion and protection of human rights and fundamental freedoms, working closely with governments around the world and United Nations entities to advance human rights protections in some of the most difficult contexts. Siphosami Malunga is the Executive Director of the Open Society Initiative for Southern Africa, which works to promote democratic and tolerant societies in that region.