Extra-Custodial Use Of Force Amounting To Torture And Other Ill-Treatment - OMCT Report

The OMCT works with around 200 member organisations which constitute the SOS-Torture Network, to end torture, fight impunity and protect human rights defenders worldwide. T

This briefing report discusses and highlights repressive policing practices and the worrisome militarization trend.

"In the current Covid-19 context, the enforcement of health-related measures has further exacerbated the violence by law-enforcement officials to alarming levels. Situations of land disputes and forced evictions3 as well as irregular migration and border control contexts are among other extra-custodial settings where abuse of the use of force frequently takes place. Widespread discrimination against people of African descent and other racial and ethnic minorities and the marginalisation of underprivileged people are among the root causes of law enforcement abuses.

This Briefing Report is structured around four main topics discussed by the participants: I. The scope and limits of the principles of the use of force; II. The policing of assemblies and risks of less-lethal weapons; III. Applying the anti-torture framework on the use of force; and IV. Key developments in the work of the Committee in addressing extra-custodial use of force. The report concludes with a set of key recommendations addressing current gaps and opportunities. "

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